About The Pie

The Pie was a Notts County FC fanzine created and published by supporters of the football club between 1987 and 2009...

In 2023 Nottingham media company LeftLion made a successful bid to the National Lottery Heritage Fund to digitally archive the back catalogue of the fanzine to make it available digitally for future generations to read. 

As part of that project we also made this film (watch below), with some of the old contributors talking about their work on the film. This was premiered at Metronome in Nottingham on Tuesday 23 May 2024 and made available to the public shortly afterwards...

Our project received favourable press in a number of outlets. Please see selected links below:

When Saturday Comes: Forest and County fans joining forces to archive Nottingham’s football fanzine heritage

LeftLion: We Speak to Jim Cooke, Co-founder of 1980s-2000s Notts County Football Fanzine The Pie

Nottingham Post: Nottingham football fanzines get new lease of life through Left Lion project

When working on this project we also realised that another film about The Pie, made all the way back in 1990, existed. That film 'Why Grown Men Weep' was originally made in 1990 as a student project by director Janine Kavanagh, a Notts County fan and a student at The Polytechnic of Central London. We were given a VHS copy and had it converted to digital and loved it. Janine has given us her permission to share it with you again after all this time. Watch that below...

Our thanks go out to everyone who worked with us on this joyous project. If you have any questions or comments about our work you are welcome to contact us on fanzines(AT)leftlion.co.uk